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How To Keep Wedding Guests Happy

on Feb 18, 2015

Even the most perfectly planned wedding will never please everyone, but there are some common gripes to be aware of. My website for wedding photography points out some culprits to consider in your wedding planning phase.

Not everyone can make it to your wedding and that's usually because the wedding date was simply inconvenient, such as taking place on a public holiday, or some big seasonal event. Keep in mind that many people will already their own plans for such dates well in advance. Be sure to check the wedding date you have in mind with your family members and close friends in particular.

Some weddings have a big time gap between the ceremony and the reception, particularly if both events are at different venues. Don't leave your guests with too much free time on their hands as they will easily get bored, particularly if there is no food or drinks to hand. Be mindful of any travelling required between venues too and practical considerations like parking. Also talk to your wedding venue about options for guests if the weather is bad on the day.

When it comes to the reception go easy on the wedding speeches. Have an idea how long they will run and don't keep people waiting on their meals because of it. Often speeches are just a bunch on in-jokes that are not that funny outside of the family, so try and set some guidelines between you all. Short and sweet works best for everyone when it comes to speeches at a wedding so be sure to set time limits or have someone keep track, such as your DJ.

Spend time on your seating plan to avoid putting too many strangers on a table together. You may want them to mingle, but they probably have other ideas. Also be mindful of where the table is situated, older folks probably do not want to be sat next to the band or DJ and close relations want to be close by. Guests can easily get upset if they don't feel important enough for you simply by where you chose to sit them.

Of course, a lot happens on a wedding day from the perspective of the bride and groom, and finding the time to meet everyone might be difficult. The traditional receiving line gives everyone a chance to have a brief face-to-face with bride and groom, but it is time consuming and not a tradition that many modern brides keep. The alternative is to make time during the wedding reception to visit each table in turn, and this also makes for much more interesting wedding photography if your wedding photographer is on the toes.

Ultimately, the majority of wedding guests are just interested in having a laugh with their friends and a drink, so any additional entertainment you can provide in your budget is always well appreciated.

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