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Your comprehensive Blurb Review

on Feb 23, 2015

Realistically speaking, Blurb is a photo book service that delivers unique designs and superb features for both authors and photographers. Their service is available online via their website or offline by using the BoookSmart software. Users of Mac and Windows can comfortably download, install and access this software on their PCs.

Why Blurb?

What you need to know is that this software gives you full control in the process of making your book. You get to customize your photo book through a full page bleed of both the front and back cover. For complete customization of the book’s exterior, you get to title the book on the spine, and you print it directly on the hardcover surface. Since the cover is matte, it does not allow the fingerprints to show, hence making your project appear like a real book.

Additionally, Blurb BookSmart Software stands out because it accords you the ability to come up with your templates. Even better, you will find other existing templates that you can alter them to suit your needs. After working with the models, you can save them for future books that have the same characteristics (i.e. the same size). This intuitive software also allows for a two-page spread and this means that you can use a single photograph on two pages. You can also use any photo as a background for the template.

High print quality is what characterizes Blurb products. In addition to being sharp, you get premium paper in luster or matte finish. Support services are available in several languages such as Dutch, Spanish, French, Italian and Portuguese. Book processing is done in three days only. Those who need urgent delivery get the option of overnight shipping.

Value for your money

What is a service that does not give you value for your money? Well, Blurb offers its photo book services are reasonable prices. The pricing structure is based on the number of pages. Just like most premium book services, the more pages your project contains, the cheaper and the price. Those with few pages also have their place as they enjoy some standard rates that are also pretty decent.

The most outstanding feature of their book service is the ability to sell your book online. This means that you can share your book at a price that you decide and set for your customers. Their bookstore is appealing to the eye and allows for previewing before buying any author's work.

In a nutshell, here is what Blurb offers you:

• You get various sizes including portrait landscape and square books

• Customizable templates

• Software that is easy to use

• Extra pages (up to 440 pages)

• More paper options

• Bookmarking tools

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